110 Year Anniversary!

The M. Conley Company Celebrates 110 Years of Business

The wholesale distributor announces its anniversary during a time when true entrepreneurialism is needed the most.

CANTON, Ohio, July 6, 2020 – The M. Conley Company announces its anniversary during a time of uncertainty in the world. While businesses are going back to their grassroots, The M. Conley Company projects hope by demonstrating how it got through times of uncertainty through the years.

“Because of our strong leadership team, we have successfully gotten through times of pandemic and economic hardship,” Robert Stewart, chief executive officer, said. “We believe in community and have fostered relationships by providing solutions to problems our customers face during these hard times.”

The janitorial, packaging and food service supplies company has been flying product off the shelves and keeping staff extraordinarily busy during COVID-19. With events like the Spanish Flu of 1918, the Great Depression, World War I and II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the 1968 flu and more, The M. Conley Company is not unfamiliar with irregular times. Therefore, it is positioned to face the challenges presented by the virus.

“Like most successful business owners, we have adapted to the ever-changing face of commerce and focused on providing solutions to the problem at hand,”Stewart said.

The company is taking the necessary steps to properly manage the business during a time where most virus-related products have been put on strict allocations. As a leader in the sanitation industry, The M. Conley Company has also been updating the public on its stance with the virus and how to keep safe and knowledgeable during this time.

The company believes in celebrating entrepreneurialism, especially during times of adversity. Its Northeast Ohio Brightest Lights Entrepreneur of the Year Award showcases successful business owners.

“While the pandemic has been challenging for many companies, we are seeing our winners of the award innovate and remarket themselves in clever ways,” Stewart said.

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Company Overview

The M. Conley Company is a local, family-owned and family-oriented business that has been serving the Northeastern Ohio area for more than 100 years. We’ve become a household name you can trust in the area because of our excellent customer service and our ability to anticipate and deliver solutions to meet your business’ needs. Whether you need janitorial supplies, packaging supplies and equipment office supplies or food equipment, give us a call to see what solutions we can present to you. Our excellent staff is made up of experienced, dedicated specialists who can help you find cost-effective ways to maintain your daily operations.